Well, I’m only here for a couple days, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and try to notice things.

So far, I have been through the airport and had one taxi ride. My room is not readyyet, so here I am blogging despite the lack of visited destinations.
This may be a good thing though… the city has already shown me a glimpse of its face, and an impression has started to form. It will be interesting to see if said impression sticks as I explore.

Some things I find myself making note of right now city are things like how bathrooms and doors work, and how convenience food is treated. Thus far the bathrooms have been a bit un-ergonomic (think small corridors in the airport, broken faucets, inefficient dryers. The apparently ubiquitous breadyfoods store “Au Bon Pain” lists the calories in its sandwichy bits! As a person always suspicious of the foodstuffs presented to me by such places, even this little bit of information is nice to see.

But this is boring information from the airport – the cab ride was much more interesting!

I took some photos in the taxi, using my point-and-shoot as an external and moveable set of eyes when I couldn’t see enough of “up”. I couldn’t really see out my window so I used the open one in front f me. Here is what I saw that I couldn’t otherwise have done:

WHoa there goes something!!

New York from Taxi

I am prepared to be wowed by the size of things here. It is a City.

I have yet to fully realize this word, I think, and my conception of its meaning is about to be hit with… New York.

New York from Taxi