So, I have completed the first Scotland leg of my journey. And am preparing for a second.

But not just Scotland this time, no! We (My trusty travel companion Emily and I) are doing the whole shebang! Around Europe with us!

…well OK, not the whole shebang, but a much more complete shebang than only going to one country, as I did last time.

So when does all this kick off? Weell for me, I leave in a couple weeks. On the 20th, I’m off with Glasgow as my destination. But first! I will be stopping and pending a night in Amsterdam. I intend to see what I can see there and scout the place out a bit before returning later in my trip with Emily. By the 21st I will be back in what is currently (sorry, Vancouver *pat pat*) my favorite city to live in: Glasgow.
Where I shall await the arrival of dear Emily on the 11th.

St. Patricks Day
Will be spent… in IRELAND! Of course. Muah haha I look forward to this event O yes I do. We were thinking Dublin, but I’ve also been told that I must check out Cork and Belfast for St. Patty’s celebrations that are a bit more Irish and less touristy.

After we recover, perhaps on the 18th or 19th, we shall descend on London. London, believe it or not, has some of the cheapest hostels we could find. We’ll be staying here for about 10 days, occasionally venturing out to the countryside.

Next up: France! Paris is, of course, on the menu but after that we stray into the area of itinerary that has not yet been cemented in place. We’re planning to spend about a week total in France, anyway, and then head South into Spain.

Madrid and Barcelona. Woohoo! 10 days or so for Spain. Specifics still in the works.

Next: Italy. Rome, here we come. Not too sure what the time budget was here…

Aaand then back up to the Netherlands, stopping in Germany (time permitting). Amsterdam’s canals will get a more thorough exploration before we ferry ourselves back into the UK for one final look at Scotland, (Glasgow and the highlands, I hope) before our sad departure once again from London.

This should bring us to around mid-April, if all goes well. I have a ticket back to Vancouver scheduled for the 20th and I hope I do not encounter a reason to change it, as I must be back in Van by then to secure myself a summer job; with any luck, that will be a place in the Canadian Naval Reserve.

And after some consultation with Emily, a summary:

Feb 21 ………………………. Arrive Amsterdam
Feb 22 – March 14 ………. Glasgow
March 15 – 19 ……………. Ireland (Belfast, Dublin, Cork,  and
March 19 – 26 …………….. London (and England in general)
March 27 – 30 ……………. France (Paris then Bordeaux)
March 31 – April 6 ………. Spain
April 7 – 12 ………………… Italy
April 13 – 14 ………………. Amsterdam
April 15 – 19 ………………. Scotland
April 20 ……………………. London, leave for Vancouver

Wish me luck!

An industrial pond and a lovely day.

I'll keep you posted.



3 Responses to “Me and my Itinerary”

  1. Gordon Davis Says:

    Hi Zann
    Glad you’re down out of the skies.You’re writing is zany,exciting,lilting- I think you will some day be an author – save your blog memos.
    Remember I mentioned “Zoom” airlines .Well they are bankrupt many lost their travel payments.Glad you flew your own way.
    Good studying
    Gordon Davis

  2. Vesna Says:

    Hi, it is so wonderful to hear from you. I had no idea you are so funny; you are a riot to read. One day I will be reading your books, not just admiring your art, or whatever you decide to create/invent. Thank you so much for making me laugh. After I read the first little bit, in the library, I decided to read all the rest in the gallery, when everyone is gone, and I am free to chuckle or laugh out loud without disturbing anyone. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!!

  3. Kelsey Says:

    I am SO Jealous. Seriously.

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