Same day as before, just left Palatine Hill.

It was mid-afternoon by the time we left the Colosseum and Palatine Hill behind us and decided to look for the next big thing, which happened to be the Pantheon. It looked close on the map, so we just kind of set off.

Rome is made up of these little twisting streets aided by a few major traffic arteries. What is so cool about these little streets (or rather, one of many things that make them cool) is that they turn all of Rome into this crazy treasure hunt/ chocolate box of incredible architectural and historical sites. You’ve seen a hundred photos on posters and in textbooks and then BAM! There it is, right in front of you! Completely without warning.

That’s how it was with the Pantheon.

“Oh hey! A chocolate shop” “Look at that sculpture!” “Wow! Awesome fountain!” “Hey, those are some big pillars that buiklding has…”
Wait a minute… that’s the Pantheon!

I can’t describe how cool it was to just come upon it like that.
OK, maybe I just did, but I still didn’t do the experience justice. But without further ado, here’s what the thing looks like, from where I was standing.


And then... there it was!

We couldn’t go in just yet, as there was a mass going on inside (is that how I would say that?). So we walked around the outside for a bit and discovered the world’s best chocolate. Really, we did. Well, I did. 😛 I just wish I could remember what this place was called…

Oh well. More photos of the Pantheon, anyway.

The outside curve. It SO doesn't hint at what's inside. Seriously.

The outside curve. It SO doesn't hint at what's inside. It really doesn't.

Eventually… we were allowed in.

My new favorite place in the world.

My new favorite place in the world.



Oh that ceiling...

Oh that ceiling...

Aand on that note… I’ll be back tomorrow. Sleep is needed for the now. It’s 2:30am. ‘Night.